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(A group of children on the stage is singing a song)
Once there lived a captain brave
And he crossed the ocean wave
And he called at many lands on his way
Fifteen times he tried to sink,
Sharks could catch him on the brink of death.
But he never, really never, gave a wink.
And in trouble and in war
Always sang the captain brave
At the sea and on the shore:
Captain brave, captain brave,
Give a smile, sir,
Cause the smile is like a flag of a ship,
Captain brave, captain brave,
Cheer up, sir,
Cause the sea helps only the quickest.
(A captain appears on the stage. Children meet him)
S1: Oh, captain!
S2: Oh, captain!
Children: Hello, dear captain!
Captain: Hello, my friends!
Yes, I’m the captain.
My voyages have no ends.
I missed you very much!
Children: We missed you too!
Captain: I’m glad I’m back!
Children: Where were you?
Captain: I climbed the mountains, and dived into the sea.
Next time let’s go together!
Children: We agree.
S3: What is there in your case?
Captain: There are a lot of interesting stories and memories in it!
Ok, listen!
I travelled very far
One of my friends is a twinkling star.
(A girl, who plays the role of star, appears on the stage. She is dancing with the captain.)
Captain: Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.
When the shining star is gone,
When it nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle all the night.
Star: What are you dreaming about, my friend?
Captain: I have a dream:
My travel never ends.
I’d like you to meet my unusual friends.
Star: Who do you want your children to meet first?
Captain: I don’t know. Oh, it’s a difficult question.
Let it be summer.
Children: Summer?
Captain: Yes, of course. It’s my old friend.
And I want it to last forever.
(A group of children dance, holding toys to the melody of the song “I want summer to never end”. Summer appears.)
Summer: I’m summer, I’m bright.
My days are long, my colours are light,
Now listen to my song.
 (A butterfly, a bird, a sunny day, green grass, a grasshopper and a sunny ray sing the song.)
Can you hear that funny buzz?
Yes, I can. Yes, I can.
I can hear it in the tree.
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz…
Can you hear that funny hiss?
Yes, I can. I can hear it in the grass.
Hiss, hiss, hiss,  hiss.
Ss: Who are you?
Butterfly: I’m a beautiful butterfly. I fly high in the sky.
Bird: I’m a nice bird.
Sunny day: I’m a sunny day.
Come with me and play!
Green grass (2 students):
We are soft green grass. Look at us, sit on us.
Grasshopper: A grasshopper is my name.
I hop and dance,
And always play.
Sunny ray: I am a sunny, sunny ray.
I make children happy every day.
All together: A beautiful butterfly,
And sunny day,
Soft green grass,
Where do you like play?
Birds on the trees,
And birds in the sky.
It is summer so hot and bright.
(They run away.)
Captain: My friends are wonderful, aren’t they?
Children: Yes, they are. But who is the next?
(The audience can hear dull music.)
Leaves: With swirling leaves in graceful splendour
Autumn points in artful candour
Each leaf’s shade of various hues,
Each tells a story from a different view.
Resting again, beneath the trees,
They are the tears of autumn leaves.
(The leaves sit down on the stage. Suddenly, the audience can hear the noise of wind. Wind appears.)
Wind: I can get through a door
Without any key,
And strip the leaves from a big oak tree.
I can drive stormy clouds,
And shake tall towers,
Or steal through a garden
And not wake the flowers.
(Children and the captain speak to the wind.)
S1: I saw you lost the kites so high
And blew the birds about the sky.
S2: And all around I hear you pass
Like ladies skirts across the grass.
Captain: Oh, wind, blowing all day long,
Oh, wind, that sings such a loud song,
I have a friend.
Who do you think it is?
It’s rain.
(A song with movements.)
Pitty-Patter. Pit-Pat,
Listen to the rain.
Pitty-Patter, Pit-Pat,
Raining again.
Rain on the green grass,
Rain on the tree,
Rain on the house-tops,
But  not upon me.
Put on your galoshes,
Put on your hat,
Find out an umbrella,
Don’t forget that.
Put on your raincoat,
Button it so.
Pitty-Patter, Pit-Pat,
Off we go.
Rain: I am rain.
I like to play games.
Sometimes I pretend that
I’m going to fall.
But there’s the time
I don’t come at all.
Captain: Enough to hop.
(To the rain.) I say “Stop!”
S3: We’re getting wet to skin,
We must dry up and get in.
Captain: Attention, attention!
Very important information!
Prepare your warm clothes,
Meet the coldest season of the year,
My friend snow lives there.
(Snow appears on the stage.)
Snow: I am sow – cold and white,
I fall down all day and night.
Children usually like to see
The white carpet made of me.
(The main heroes of the party appear on the stage dressed in winter clothes.)
S4: It’s snowing, it’s snowing,
What a lot of snow!
Let us make some snowballs
We all like to throw.
S5: It’s snowing, it’s snowing,
Let us sledge and ski.
When I’m dashing downhill,
Clear the way for me.
(Children sing the song “We like winter”.)
We like winter very, very much,
We like the time when snowflakes fall down
Cold snow we can take and touch,
Make snowman, play hockey in the town.
Winter comes with a New Year Tree,
Father Frost comes to you and me,
New Year presents brings to us,
Winter holidays at last
To be happy, joyful children,
To be hearty.
(A squirrel and frost appear on the stage.)
Frost: It is still and cold,
The wind is away.
I’m Jack Frost,
I’m busy today.
I nip children’s cheeks,
I nip their noses
And before they can catch me
Away I go.
But when I become angry and not pleased,
I can catch animals and even freeze.
(Frost and squirrel come to the stage, both of them are afraid of each other and cry: “Help! Help! Help!” 
The captain and children hurry to help them.)
Captain: What has happened?
Squirrel: He nips my cheeks,
He nips my paw,
He nips my nose,
I can’t bear it any more.
Captain (to the frost): Shame on you.
Frost: I am little Jack Frost.
I just study.
I didn’t want to do this, of course.
Squirrel: I don’t want to tremble any more.
Do something, please!
S6: It’s not easy
But we invite you to visit spring.
(One can listen to spring music. A magpie, a hedgehog, a hare, a wolf and children appear on the stage. All the animals discuss the latest news. They ask the following questions in turn.)
Animals: Do you know?
Have you heard?
What is the news?
Did you see?
Where did you see it?
(A crying squirrel appears on the stage. Animals run away, and then they begin to speak.)
Woodpecker: Who are you?
Magpie: Where are you from?
Hedgehog: Why are you here?
When did you come?
Squirrel: What are you doing?
(One can hear a merry music. Spring appears on the stage.)
Spring: I am spring,
I am warm and green.
The birds are singing,
The bells are ringing.
(Spring turns to animals.)
Just a minute…
I’ve found a strange thing.
Do you know what it is?
(She has a nut in her hands.)
Squirrel: Oh, it’s mine, it’s mine.
(A squirrel takes the nut joyfully. Then she begins to cry again.)
Spring: Why are you crying?
You have what  you were  looking for.
Squirrel: You are right. But I have one more problem.
I have lost my friends.
Spring: There is no problem at all.
Hey, birds!
Fly and tell the captain and his friends
They are not alone,
We are waiting for them on the lawn.
(The captain and children appear on the stage. The squirrel is very glad to meet with her friends.)
Captain: I’m so happy
And so glad.
Thanks for your trip.
I think it’s the end.
I’m so happy,
I’m so glad.
The trip was wonderful,
We’ve seen many lands.
(The participants of the party are singing a song.)
The ship is sailing,
The flag is waving,
Goodbye, my friends,
Goodbye, my friends.
The sun is shining,
The stars are smiling,
Goodbye, my friends,
Through the rain and thunders,
We’ll see the wonder
With you, my friends,
With you, my friends,
We’ll be together
In any weather,
With you, my friends,
With you!